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If the customer is satisfied with our quote, we come to his place to validate the delivery and installation.

We take photos of the garden and send free realistic 3D visualizations of the WOODCAB   (examples opposite).

Upon receipt of the deposit, the production of the model is launched and delivery is guaranteed within 3.5 months.


The WOODCAB is perfectly adapted to Home Office:

  • Connected to electricity (minimum 1 220 V electrical outlet), even off-grid via our solar panel installation

  • Connected to wifi (via your home wifi or via a relay we can install)

  • Insulated and heated (we offer suitable radiators and/or stoves for larger models)

  • Bright and open to the landscape thanks to our large double-glazed surfaces

  • Acoustics with our absorbent perforated panels

  • Individual or co-working depending on model sizes (from 5 to 20 m2)


The WOODCAB is perfectly suited for relaxation and personal development:

  • space isolated from the hustle and bustle outside

  • minimalist and harmonious design

  • isolated and heated volume for a comfortable atmosphere (adapted and integrated radiators)

  • bright and connected to the natural landscape

  • entirely in wood, warm by nature




The WOODCAB is perfectly suited to a music studio:

  • optimal acoustics of indoor and outdoor environment

  • insulated and heated for controlled comfort

  • connected to electricity and wifi if needed

  • inspiring space connected to nature

  • minimalist space cut off from the world, for optimal concentration

woodcab studio
woodcab workshop


The WOODCAB is designed as a tool to practice your manual and creative activities:

  • insulated and heated for controlled comfort

  • acoustics to protect users and neighbors from noise pollution

  • size adaptable to your needs (S, M, L)

  • made-to-measure furniture fixed in the perforated panels with endless applications

  • bright and inspiring thanks to the large glass surfaces towards nature