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Arthur is an Engineer-Architect who graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 2009.

Passionate about removable and modular furniture layouts, he notably discovered hotel capsules and their micro-rooms in Japan in 2015.  

He is fascinated by functional mountain constructions, both high altitude refuges and Valais raccards. These constructions are highly dependent on technical constraints, they are prefabricated, easily dismantled and repaired. The production and use of energy is also a central theme.


In 2020, Arthur created a first prototype of a modular removable bedroom in wood entirely cut out using aCNC.


In 2021, a partnership is created withLAPORCH  and a second prototype is born.

In 2022, Arthur joins forces with Cédric to take the reins of the commercial and digital part and with Maxime for the financial part, leasing solutions and the notion of circular economy.


Today all WOODCAB models are produced in Belgium and installed in Europe. We take part in many fairs and offer open houses in show gardens for our 4 different models (S, M, L and XL).

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