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Choose your WOODCAB  here

Sending the form constitutes a non-binding quote request.

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Validation & Payment 

48 hours after sending the quote request, we consult the local regulations and send an email to the customer to validate his choices and send an offer.

If the customer is satisfied with our offer, we go to him to validate the delivery and the installation.

We take photos of the garden and send free realistic 3D visualizations of the WOODCAB   (examples opposite).

Upon receipt of the deposit, the production of the model is launched and delivery is guaranteed within 3.5 months.


STEP 3/3


Within 3.5 months we  deliver   the WOODCAB  mounted via mobile crane or crane pass over a building and reach an enclosed garden .


We place the micro-foundations and manage the entire installation.

Just plug the WOODCAB plug into the mains and enjoy your new space.

The product remains transformable, transportable or removable   at any time.

Ancre 2
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